J. Golebiowski

Jérôme Golebiowski

    • Professor
    • Adjunct Professor at DGIST, Rep. of Korea
    • Head of the CDIEC
    • Co-PI of the Odorant-Odeur-Olfaction CNRS Group of Research
    • Member of the national CNRS committee, section 20

Molecular Modeling, psychophysiology: from receptor to behavior: My research projects are focused on ligand-receptor systems. They are centered on the  description of the molecular basis of chemical senses and more particularly the sense of smell. The long-term project is to redefine structure-odor relationships with the take into account of odorant receptors expressed in our neurons. In parallel, we are interested in the link between the structure of an odorant and the emotion.

  • Ongoing research projects:
    • The OBP-Optinose project is funded by ANR (2019-2022): Odorant Binding Proteins-based biomimetic optical nose
    • The ChemoSuz project is funded by ANR (2019-2021):  Chemogenetic characterization of the egg-laying behavior of the fruit pest species Drosophila suzukii
    • The DoctOR project is funded by CNRS (PRC Korea 2018-2019): Targeting Odorant receptors for healing your body and your mind
    • The CrackOlf Project is funded by Univ. Côte d’Azur (2018-2019): Cracking Olfactory receptor activation by computational tools
    • The PrediScent Project is funded by Univ. Côte d’Azur (2018-2019): Numerical models for predicting smell and emotion from chemical features
    • The Demeter project is funded by ANR (2017-2021):  Less pesticides and more food!
    • The Emoton project is funded by the Interdisciplinary Section of CNRS (2016-2018) : Olfaction as a tool to promote motivation and autonomy 
    • The NeurOlf project is funded by the call jointly launched by ANR and NSF (2015-2018) in Computational Research in Neuroscience: Predicting odorant-dependent and independent olfactory neuron activation based on receptor dynamics
  • The sweet smell of success of our group: 
    • Jody Pacalon and Cedric Bouysset are awared a 1st year thesis bursary from GIRACT
    • Jody Pacalon is funded by the Roudnitska fondation for a PhD thesis (2018-2021)
    • cracking the olfactory code, CNRS news
    • “Dessine-moi une odeur !” by UCA News
    • Caroline Bushdid was awarded by the Laffitte prize in 2018
    • Xiajing Cong‘s post-doc is funded by DFG (2017-2019) to study GPCR activation



  • Selected publications:

Mammalian class I odorant receptors exhibit a conserved vestibular binding pocket

 Agonists of G Protein-Coupled Odorant Receptors are Predicted from Chemical Features

ACIE Odorant Receptor 7D4 activation dynamics

 Responsiveness of G protein-coupled odorant receptors is partially attributed to the activation mechanism

 Conserved Residues Control Activation of Mammalian G Protein-Coupled Odorant Receptors

  Structure–odour relationships reviewed in the postgenomic era

  G protein-coupled odorant receptors: From sequence to structure

 Discrimination between Olfactory Receptors agonists and non-agonists

  • Recent publications: 2012-
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