Research in our team revolves around understanding :

  • the molecular mechanisms of the chemical senses (smell and taste) from the molecular stimuli to the human behaviour.
  • the properties and reactivity of simple or complex system, for instance enzymatic mechanisms involved in the biosynthesis of odorants and flavonoids.

Our research is based on our expertise in molecular simulations from quantum chemistry to molecular dynamics as well as bioinformatics and chemoinformatics techniques to describe chemical and biological systems.

Our research articles in:

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image2993From left to right: Xiaojing Cong, Sébastien Fiorucci, Serge Antonczak, Martine Adrian-Scotto, Jérémie Topin,
Caroline Bushdid, Jérôme Golebiowski, Jean-Baptiste Chéron

University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis > Institute of Chemistry UMR 7272 > Flavor, fragrance, synthesis and modeling team > Molecular simulation group

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ChemoSimLab is located at the third floor of Institut de Chimie de Nice building.

Institut de Chimie de Nice, UMR CNRS 7272
Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis
Faculté des Sciences
28 avenue Valrose
06108 Nice Cedex 2